Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What a Night!

Death...It is real!

Last night, the cutest and spunkiest little dog showed up at our gate.  In no time flat, the boys and I fell in love with her and wanted to take her in.  For various reasons, we just couldn’t do that.  It was obvious she was abandoned and trying to find her way in the streets.  We left for our nightly walk and she followed us.

Death…It can happen in a flash!

In less than five minutes, you probably guessed, the dog was gone.  It was ugly.  It was extremely difficult to watch.  It was even more difficult to hold the young girl (the driver of the car) in my arms and listen to her gut wrenched cry.  Again, God gently reminded me of a few things.

Death…It is real…It can happen in a flash…but more important than these...

Death…Are you ready?

As we walked back home, God led us to the conversation of being ready at all times and keeping our “house” in order because it could happen to us, too, in a flash!

Are you ready?  Do you know that those around you are ready?  So many people, just like that little dog, are abandoned and trying to find their way.  What are you doing about it?  What am I doing about it?

Oh God, shake us, move us, use us.  People are dying!

Are they ready?!

We love y’all!

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