Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Virtual Prayer Walk

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.  It is our prayer that you will join us in praying for our ministry.  We want you to pray for the people with whom we will come in contact.  Many of you know about the darkness that is found in the country of Japan.   There is a great little book by Keith Webb titled, "Overcoming Spiritual Barriers in Japan."  You can find it on Amazon.com.   Gary, our team leader, gave it to me when he was here in Brazil.  I recommend this little book.   It will help you to be better informed about what is taking place spiritually in Japan.  Keith Webb said, "More workers, more money or better methods will not help a situation that is the result of spiritual strongholds."  Please join us in praying for Japan, the Japanese descendants and New Generations Church in Sao Paulo (Steve & Salva Marlin).  In the coming days, Amy and I will be putting more videos out for you to watch.  Why?  We believe that by seeing the areas and people who are in desperate need of the gospel, you will be more informed and hopefully can focus more intently on the areas you would be willing to lift in prayer.   Our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to be joined together.   Ephesians 5: 15-18 says, "Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk-not as unwise people, but as wise-making the most of the time, because the days are evil.  So don't be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is.  And don't get drunk with wine, which leads to reckless actions, but be filled with the Spirit."  Let us come together and pray! 
Pascal and Amy
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brazil and Japan - Need Your Prayers!

Hello everybody!  Thank you for coming by and visiting our blog.  I am so excited about what happened this past week.  I will be sharing more about it in the coming weeks.   We want you to continue to pray for us as we begin this new work with the Japanese descendants here in Brazil.  To start off this new adventure, we wanted to post a picture with some people that are very important to us.  In between Amy and me is Thiago.  He is from Mogi das Cruzes.  The city he lives in has the highest population of Japanese descendants in Brazil.  Thiago sells insurance and most of his customers are Japanese.  In fact, Bete, his partner in the business, is Japanese descent and speaks Japanese. 
In between Micah and me is Silvano Kubo.  This is Micah’s Geography teacher at PACA.  He is also the pastor of a Japanese church that his father started in Suzano.  It was very interesting listening to Silvano talk about his father.  His father became a Christian in Japan.  Some missionaries became his friend and led him to the Lord.  One day his parents told him that he needed to decide whether he would follow Jesus or remain a part of the family.  What did he want to do?  He told them that he was going to follow Jesus.  Many of us don’t have to make those decisions in our life. Quite honestly, I cannot even imagine having to do that.  This is why it is so important to understand that we need to take serious our walk with Jesus.  Silvano is a great guy.  Please be in prayer for him.  One thing he told me about the Japanese descendants is that they are very hard to reach. WE REALLY NEED ALL OF YOU TO BE PRAYING FOR US!    We could never thank you enough for your prayers and we know and believe that in His timing, He will honor every single one of them.
Next to Matthew is Gary Fujino.  He is our new team leader and lives in Japan.  He is a great guy! He has lived in Japan for over 16 years.  It was really interesting to hear him speak Japanese with the Brazilian Japanese here in Brazil.  Gary is a second generation Japanese, so is Silvano.  Please keep Gary and his wife, Lynn, in your prayers as they lead our team in reaching Japanese people all over the world.
Please come back soon!  I am making a virtual prayer walk for all of you who would like to pray for our ministry.  We really need you to pray.  Our desire is that you will take these people and pray for them, asking God to make Himself known in a powerful way so that lives may be changed. We love y’all!!
Pascal, Amy, Micah, Matthew and Miles